About us

Carpool is here to help you build your product

Stop building time-consuming infrastructure and start shipping features

Our Story

We're a company that's led by devs and building for devs. Our experience runs the gamut from scrappy Web3 smart contract development to building infrastructure and products at the largest Web2 companies.

We've understand what makes Web3 special, but also where there's room to grow. By providing robust, fast, and easy to use infrastructure for Web3 developers, we believe we can benefit the entire ecosystem and bring more users into the fold.

our values

A few things that we believe in

Web3 For All

Web3 will reach its potential when it has as many users as Web2. To get there, product teams need to build killer apps.

Let Builders Build

Our mission is to make development fast and easy for as many devs as we can. Faster iteration == better products == more users.

Design For Tomorrow

The Web3 of tomorrow won't look like today's. That's why we're building generalized tools to support any kind of application, not just tokens and NFTs.

Take Things Seriously

Web3 is a high-stakes environment. Bugs don't just cause outages, they cost users real money. Devs in Web3 need the tools to not just build fast, but securely.

Stay Flexible

With sound technology and architecture, we can expand our product in any direction. If you have an idea for a feature, drop us a line! It might get built sooner than you think.

Enjoy The Times

Web3 is a technology frontier full of new ideas, learnings, and possibilities. These eras don't come often, so make the most of it!