Fueling the Web3
Developer Experience

Carpool streamlines app development so you can focus on building a remarkable product. Save months of time, resources, and thousands of dollars in infrastructure and RPC costs. All in one click.


A tool suite that enables you to build Quickly & Effectively

Instead of spending valuable developer time on complex backend infrastructure, let us handle it for you. These are just some of the engineering verticals we are focused on


Accelerate app development and find the data you need, fast. Carpool’s novel Query API lets you search deep across programs, accounts, and instructions. Say goodbye to getProgramAccounts.


Never miss a beat. Track your program’s behavior and create custom alerts to proactively respond to problems. Unlock custom dashboards and metrics that help you visualize and understand your application.


Uncover and analyze failed instructions, error codes, and seamlessly search across rich log data. Smart contract debugging has never been easier.

Data APIs

Custom data for your dApps

Stop relying on GetProgramAccounts. We stream your data from our validators, deserialize it, and index it for you. Access a broad range of query, filter, and aggregation options using our powerful API and easily retrieve any and all instruction and account data.

For responsive UIs, we also provide an enhanced websocket API. Listen to specific account types or instruction invocations on your programs and receive deserialized payloads live from our validators. If you're looking for historical data, we also have you covered! Our account state archives will record every version of your indexed PDAs in an easy to analyze format.

Automated Alerting

Respond to problems automatically

Stop relying on twitter or discord to find out somehing has gone wrong with your program. Using the same data and queries which power our APIs, you can configure an alert which triggers when your conditions are met. Use webhooks to run custom logic on your systems (such as temporarily freezing your protocol) and leverage our PagerDuty integration to alert your team. Web3 is a high-stakes environment, but our alerting system will give both you and your users some peace of mind.

Why use Carpool?

Save time and money

Turning an MVP into a serious product requires baseline capabilities like performant queries, monitoring, and analytics. Carpool gives you this out of the box, in minutes, saving you on valuable dev time, resources, and infrastructure costs

Build better apps

High-scale data infrastructure opens up product possibilities. Features that previously required painful strings of RPC calls and client-side filtering can be powered by a single API call. Additionally, Implement better risk management practices with our alerting system

One click onboarding

For programs built with Anchor, just upload your IDL & programID and you're good to go. There is no faster end-to-end solution for your data needs. Non anchor programs can still be onboarded within minutes

Get started with Carpool today.

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